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Miriam Bueno is a passionate and visionary author

Deeply committed to inspiring and educating both children and adults about the fascinating world of energy. Her journey began during a challenging period - her pregnancy, which coincided with the tumultuous year of 2020, marked by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was during this lockdown scenario that Miriam decided to transform the content of her holistic courses for adults into captivating and magical versions tailored for children.

From an early age, Miriam Bueno displayed an insatiable thirst for knowledge, particularly in the realms of science and spirituality. This thirst led her to explore fields such as psychology, neurolinguistics, metaphysics, occultism, and various energy modalities. This unique blend of scientific understanding and spiritual awareness forms the foundation of her writing, making her books a harmonious synthesis of empirical facts and profound wisdom.


Miriam Bueno's children's books skillfully weave captivating stories that introduce young minds to the wonders of energy, awakening their imagination and curiosity about the universe around them. By incorporating interactive elements and activities, she encourages young readers to explore and experience energy principles in a practical and enjoyable way.

For adults, Miriam Bueno's books delve deeper into the intricacies of the energy field, offering valuable insights on harnessing its potential for personal growth and transformation. Drawing from her extensive knowledge and experiences, Miriam Bueno provides practical tools, meditations, and exercises that empower readers to access their own energy reserves and navigate life with greater awareness and clarity.

Her passion for sharing knowledge and promoting a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things is evident in every interaction.

Miriam Bueno's books have garnered widespread acclaim for their ability to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, making them invaluable resources for educators, parents, and individuals seeking personal growth and a deeper connection with the universe.

Through her writing and teachings, Miriam Bueno envisions a world where people of all ages are empowered with the knowledge and tools to unlock the boundless potential of their energy. With every page turned and every reader inspired, Miriam Bueno brings us closer to a future where humanity embraces its innate ability to shape a more harmonious and interconnected world through the power of energy.


What Our Clients are Saying?

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our clients, but you don't just have to take our word for it.
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I've so far had 2 sessions with Miriam and look forward to many more. While she is very warm and welcoming, she's also professional, down to earth and comforting. The environment she has created to treat her customers is the perfect place to receive healing and relaxation in a beautuful, safe, clean and peaceful setting. Mitiam has helped to Foster peace and balance in a mere 2 sessions, and in such a way that is not imposing or overbearing. An amazing experience that left me with only positive thoughts and feelings of my own which in her healing, she brought to light. Thank you Miriam.

Anjali SG

Never having had a Reiki session before like I had with Mirian, was the most wonderful experience I had, During the session, I was guided into a meditation experience where I somehow connected with my grandmother, who has always been my safe haven. To my surprise, after the meditation, Miriam asked me if I had any Native American relatives. She explained that during the session, she had a vision of a person with long, black, and bright hair, whose skin colour reminded her of Native Indian heritage. This person, whom Miriam saw in her vision, was kindly assisting me in healing the scars from the hernia surgery I had, using a type of oil applied close to my body. Mirian is such a caring and gentle person so this put me at ease and felt very relaxed. For anyone who is needing some inner and healing, go with Mirian from connection goal, I highly recommend her.

Ana Maria Kessin

I am new to Reiki and Miriam was the one who introduced me. She guided me through the healing and restoration of the body energy through Reiki method. This technique for stress reduction and relaxation promotes healing. For me it was quite intense and profound. I experience something trully magical. Feeling light, relaxed and almost relived as emotions started to surface, the process of healing has begun. Miriam is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work and takes things very seriously with follow ups and also helps you to translate what you are going through emotionally post reiki sessions, so you can clearly understand the jorney you wre on. I look forward to my next session of "Life energy". Thank you for trully a very special experience. Tetyana x

Tetyana Chemerynska

I had great experience. I really recommend it. Thanks

Lucelene Moreira

Amazing experience, from the first instance I was made to feel welcome and relax, which helped as I didn’t know what to expect, very nice relaxing space, Miriam was patient, attentive and very knowledgeable, anyone currently want to embark on or currently on their spiritual journey I highly recommend, open new channels and heal the subconscious, can’t wait for my next consultation.

Yinmi Bamgbose

Hi I had a great session today, my first time and I had a very positive experience and a lovely location I highly recommend it :)

Tom Baker

I recently experienced a reiki session with Miriam, and it was fantastic! A very relaxing, but also a very powerful experience. Miriam was very professional and made me feel very welcome. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone that may be considering reiki. I will definitely be visiting again soon for some more deep healing. Thanks Miriam

Simon Peart

Miriam gave me a very powerful therapy session. My whole body was bathing in this wonderful energy and I felt very happy and relaxed afterwards. She also showed me how to do 'tapping', EFT which people have recommended me to do before. Amazing experience! I would highly recommend her.

Sylvi Henriksen

I can't recommend enough. Miriam is very professional and kind. I walked out of there feeling light as a feather.

Paula Machado

Miriam is an excellent therapist. I participate in the distance Reiki sessions from Brazil and it is remarkable my improvement in face of the challenges of the day to day, reconnecting with my energy. A wonderful transformation!

Suelen Ferreira

The most enlightening Reiki session, not only did I feel relaxed but I had a profound feeling of connection to myself, which allowed me to explore my mind and experiences during the session. Miriam is very powerful and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her sessions. I felt amazing during and after and I will continue to explore. Thank you! God bless.